Privacy Policy

What information we hold

The security of your data is our priority and we respect your privacy.  

We hold information that is relevant or needed in order to maintain a business relationship with existing and historic customers, such as sending invoices. This information will generally consist of: 

Contact Name 
Company Name 
Postal Address 
Email Address 
Telephone Number 


How we use the information that we hold 

We will not use any personal information to contact you for general marketing or advertising purposes. We may use the information we hold to contact you if there is a specific service, product or infomration that we feel may be of interest to you. 


Protecting your personal information 

Any personal information is either stored in software that is password protected or in digital format that is also password protected. 


What information we share

We do not share any information that we hold with any other third parties for the purposes of marketing or advertising. 

Only necessary information is shared with suppliers, such as a delivery name and address for when products or services ordered are being delivered directly to your business. 


Access to your personal information

You may make a request for your personal information, to have it removed or updated at any time by contacting us:

T: +44 (0)773 888 3722